Buggy Sharpener

Product Code : 0121D

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Features and Specifications

  • 2-Hand Reciprocal Twisting With Chirping
  • Sharpening 2 X Faster
  • For Standard 8MM Pencils
  • Attractive Design & Shape
  • Sharp Alert Notice


Sharpening Pencils

SDI Buggy sharpener has a patented ratchet mechanism. It has thoughtful sharp alert button. The button pops up with a click once the pencil is sharpened thus alerting the user that the point of the pencil is sharpened. It can sharpen standard 8mm pencils. The 2 hand reciprocal with twisting and chirping action moves wrist back and forth to reduce time and effort while sharpening. Reduces pain while sharpening as compared to traditional sharpeners. Sharpens 2times faster than regular sharpeners. Excellent hand eye coordinationfor kids. Lovely attractive colours. SDI Buggy Sharpener is a first of a kind sharpener with special technic  of 2-Hand Reciprocal Twisting with Chirping.



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