Natural Rubber Bands, NIYO

Product Code : N500

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Features and Specifications

  • Translucent Natural Colours
  • High Count Per Pack
  • Excellent Tensile Strength
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Soft Stretch For Easy Application
  • Highest Rubber Content & Odorless 
  • Long Life, Non Sticky, Great For Re-Use
  • For Home, School, Office , General & Industrial Use


  • To Bundle Currency 
  • To Bundle stacks of documents
  • For various Stationery use in Office, Home, School, Etc..
  • For various industrial & general packaging needs

We are Rubber Band experst providing the best quality Natural Rubber Bands for all your packaging needs. NIYO Brand Natural Bands are made out from 100% Latex acquired by tapping into the bark layers of rubber trees. Natural Rubber Bands are more superior due to its superior elasticity. Due to the superior elasticity and soft stretch it makes the application of rubber bands a lot more easier. As they are made from 100% latex the rubber content is the highest and they are odorless . NIYO Natural Rubber Bands are avilable in different sizes and assorted colours to meet the different customer requirement . Niyo natural rubber bands are high heat resistant which avoids melting of rubber bands while stored in the warehouse or on applied objects especially in Hot Indian climate. They are Non Sticky Rubber Bands . With all these features and an exclusive Standy Pouch Pack it is a great product for Office & Industrial Supplies, Home & School Use.



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