Magnet Button

Product Code : 3217

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Features and Specifications

  • Plastic coated
  • Strong magnets
  • Assorted colours - Red, Orange, White
  • 30mm


  • To Hold Documents on Magnetic Whiteboard
  • To Hold Documents on Any Ferromagnetic material Surface

SDI Magnets can help in mounting Important sheets & documents on to the white board at the time of important Presentation in Offices as well as Important class in schools. A variety of color can be used to mark and also can add fun for life. SDI Magnets can hold and categorise letters, bills, receipts, lists, paperwork & memos together. Used to pin items such as postcards, photos, charts, posters or map. Each button magnet comfortably holds five sheets of A4 paper onto a magnetic whiteboard, or eight sheets of paper onto a fridge or filing cabinet. These magnets can be used in workplaces, on whiteboards, filing cabinets, warehouse racking, metallic cubicle backings, refrigerators, cars and more. Made of High Power magnets with strong magnetic force. This magnet has strong shelf life.

Magnet Button 3217


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