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Product Code : PE100

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Features and Specifications

  • Power: 100 Watts (PTC heater)
  • Professional Dual Grip Glue Gun for Industrial Use
  • High temp. : PE100 193°C(380°F)
  • Glue stick : Ø 11.0mm~Ø 11.5mm
  • Made In Taiwan


To Bond & Fix Different Materials with the help of Glue Sticks

MAGIC999 - PE100 PROFESSIONAL GLUE GUN is a 100watts Extra Heavy Duty Glue Gun with dual grip . Professional glue guns provide extra wattage and higher heating power to melt more glue faster and allows more glue flow than regular models. Triggers are easy to grip, and effort-saving. The housing is heat resistant for more protection, grip control is ergonomic. The professional range is the most popular among floral users. It is a great tool for mid-volume users for a longer working time. Also a great selection for semi-professional users bonding for carpeting or woodworking or simple home improvement.



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