9mm Yellow Sleek Cutter

Product Code : 3000C

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Features and Specifications

  • With 2 spare blades stored in handle
  • Auto-lock device withstands up to 8kg of pressure
  • For left or right handed
  • Sleek Design for professional use


  • Cutting Paper
  • Cutting Window Films
  • Cutting Packagings
  • Cuts Tapes
  • Cuts Shrink Wraps
  • Cuts Wallpapers & Films
  • Cuts Cardboards

SDI 3000C Cutter Knife includes a built-in detachable snapper that doubles as a disposable container. The knife blades can get a sharp new edge with just a snap. Auto lock mechanism withstands up to 8kgs of Pressure. This is one of the best seller SDI Cutter Knife . The stainless steel channel ensures stable movement of the blade.

3000C 9MM Yellow Sleek Cutter


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