25mm Heavy Duty Cutter Knife

Product Code : 0445C

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Features and Specifications

  • 25MM AUTO+SCREW Lock Cutter
  • Auto+Screw-lock device withstands up to 50kg of pressure
  • Acetone-resistant handle prevents corrosion from organic solvent such as paint and resin
  • Solid handle for robustness and durability


  • For General Construction & Industrial maintenance
  • Cuts leather 
  • Cuts Rubber
  • Cuts Rope
  • Cuts Fiberglass, acetates and more...

SDI's 25MM EXTRA HEAVY DUTY CUTTER with AUTO + SCREW LOCK Mechanism . AUTO + SCREW LOCK mechanism can withstand up to 50kgs of pressure . The 0.9mm Extra Thick Metal Track makes smooth gliding of blades . The Solid Handle ensures Robustness & Durability . This cutter is used for Cutting various material such as Plywood, Pvc Pipe Cutting & Electric Wire Cutting . End cap also functions as blade snapper. IDEAL FOR ALL TYPE OF HEAVY DUTY CUTTING

0445C 25MM HEAVY DUTY Cutter Knife


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