18mm Screw Lock Cutter Knife

Product Code : 3051C

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Features and Specifications

  • 18MM SCREW Lock
  • Screw Lock device withstands up to 20Kg of pressure
  • YELLOW Colour Cutter
  • Individual Blister Card Packing


  • Cutting Paper
  • Cutting Automobile Components
  • Cutting Floor Carpets
  • For Drywall and Roofing Repair or Replacment.
  • Cutting Plastics
  • Cutting Monofilamentgs
  • Cutting Conveyor Belts

The Original & Most popular Multi Purpose Screw-Locking Heavy Duty Cutter. Cuts various material such as Cardboard rubber, leather, corkboard, acetates, linoleum, carpet, thin veneer,foam board, etc. Good for DIY projects, construction such as drywall, roofing, flooring, Industrial application, warehouses, factories, etc . This classic snap off utility knife has a high quality stainless steel sliding track which allows the blade to glide in and out smoothly. End cap also functions as blade snapper.

3051C 18MM Screw Lock Cutter Knife


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