Currency Counting Machine, NIYO

Product Code : NY600

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Features and Specifications

  • Automatic UV ( Ultraviolet ) Counterfiet Detection
  • Auomatic MG + IR detetction
  • Auto / Manual Counting with Add & Batch Function
  • Crstal Clear Display with big LCD Screen  
  • Exclusive Black Model & User Friendly Keys For operation     
  • Suitable for Most curriencies in the world                                                              
  • Counting Speed: Over 1000 notes per min                                                                
  • Hopper Capacity : 150 notes  
  • Stacker Capacity : 200 notes


  • For Counting Currency
  • For Detecting Fake Currency

NIYO NY600 Currency Counter is an Bank Approved Premium level model machine which helps to count currency and detect fake currency accurately . Automatic UV+MG+IR enables accurate detection of fake notes . Add & Batch Functions are very ideal and useful while counting cash . It is an ideal machine for Banks , Hotels , Restaurants, Builders, Bullion Traders, Diamond Merchants, Traders, Retails shops, Hospitals, Clubs, Malls, small office and business organisation where there is a need to count and detect currencies it can Save Time & Labour Cost & Reduce Losses due to human Error . Currency Counter is a very helpful tool in detecting fake notes due to the increased number of fake notes being circulated in the market. This machine has a special LCD screen for Clear display which also turns RED in colour on Detecting Fake Notes , Suspicious notes, Half Notes, Double Notes, Old Notes (prior 2005) , Soiled notes.



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