Product Code : NY400

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Features and Specifications

Automatic UV ( Ultraviolet ) Counterfiet Detection
Automatic Magnetic Ink , Magnetic / Security Thread
Auto / Manual Counting with Add & Batch Function
LCD Screen for Clear Display    
LCD Screen Turns Red On Detecting Suspicious Note      
Counting Speed : 1000 pc per min
Hopper Capacity : 150 notes   
Stacker Capacity : 150 notes                                                                                                                                 Suitable for Most curriencies in the world



For Currency Counting
For Fake Note Detection

The most accurate counterfeit notel detection / note counting machine in the market . It can save you thousands of Rupees. Extremely easy to use, 99.9% accuracy self feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect suspect notes. NIYO NY400 Currency Counter is an entry level model machine which helps to count currency and detect fake currency accurately . Automatic UV+MG+IR enables accurate detection of fake notes . Add & Batch Functions are very ideal and useful while counting cash . It is an ideal machine for retails shops, small office and biz organisation where there is a need to count and detect currencies as it can Save Time & Labour Cost & Reduce Lossed due to human Error . Currency Counter is a very helpful tool in detecting fake notes due to the increased number of fake notes being circulated in the market. This machine has a special LCD screen for Clear display which also turns RED in colour on Detecting Fake Notes , Suspicious notes, Half Notes, Double Notes, Old Notes (prior 2005) , Soiled notes.


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