Correction Tape

Product Code : CT605

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Features and Specifications

  • High quality Tape,
  • Made in Japan


For Covering Cancellation

Correction Tape is a very Handy Tool for correcting and covering any mistakes on written or printed documents. Correction Tape is an opaque white colour tape which sticks to the area which is to be corrected. The tape is available in size 5mm width which easily covers the area to be corrected . The tape quality is most important feature of the correction tape and hence our correction tape is made from the finest raw material and made in japan which ensure very high quality standard & long shelf life . Correction Tape is more safe and non toxic and safe for even children to use unlike its substitue product of Correction Pen which contains harmful substance called toluene which is highly toxic. Good for: Covering cancellation on important documents, keeps your documents neat & clean.

Correction Tape - CT605


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