Book Ends

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Features and Specifications

  • Attractive Colours bring life to your storage.
  • High quality metal material.


Storing & Supporting Books

Book Ends is used as a support that is placed at the end of a row of books to hold them upright, usually used in pairs. Book Ends are mainly used in Libraries, Offices, Homes, etc.. to support the row of books. The attractive colours of Book Ends can be counted as an important part of the decor . These bookends will make a lovely addition to any book shelf and look stylish while offering practical support when placed either end of a row of books. Perfect for displaying your child’s treasured books. These sturdy bookends will also add an element of fun to your child’s room, Offices & Libraries. Good for: storing and organising your pile of books in your work place & study. Size 9"

Book Ends 1724


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